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Unofficial Official Schedule from the Unofficial Official

**This post is being published almost a month late! :-/ Our first month of homeschooling really threw my schedule off! I’m hoping to get back into a groove now!**

In my last two posts I shared my planning and organizational woes and ideas. This is an area I feel like I particularly struggle with, mainly because *whines* keeping track of seven people, their stuff and their lives in general is hard.

But! Don’t feel sorry for me. I signed up for it. At some point. Without knowing what I was doing/getting myself into.

Okay, seriously. One of the super great things about my life is that I have a VERY smart “Other Momma” (see my post How God Can Use My Brokenness for a description of an “Other Momma”), and she raised and homeschooled seven children. And she still likes them and they her. SO, when I am lost, I go to her for advice.

Me and My Other Momma
Me and My Other Momma

When I realized how very much our day needed a schedule I went to her and asked what her schedule looked like when her children were young. The following has been an inspiration and encouragement to me, and I hope it is for you as well:
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Planning, Organizing and Getting My Ducks in a Row, Part 2

In my last post (Planning and Organizing and Getting All My Ducks in a Row, Part 1) I shared what a typical day looks like for me. I shared that I would like a better organized, planned, and intentional life. I don’t live in a complete dump, or in complete chaos, but I could sure stand to change some things. Basically, I need to get all my ducks in a row. Grab those wandering little suckers and put them in their place.

So, in the spirit of lining up ducks, behold some of my thoughts on organization:

First of all, let me be clear about what this blog post is not. This is not a well thought out list of organizational methods. It is not a “listicle” (what an awful word) of “life hacks”. I’m not the expert. I really don’t know much of anything. And that leads me to what this post is.

It is a way to start a conversation about the reality of intentional living. Maybe some people put a system in place in their lives and there it stays until the end of time. For me and my family it seems like our schedules and plans are an ever-evolving system that can still use a considerable amount of work. I’d like to get better about this, again, to have more stability. But I’d also like to be honest about how difficult this is for us.

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Planning, organizing and Getting My Ducks in a Row, Part 1

Rose Negative with Einstein Quote

“Live intentionally.”

“Use your time wisely.”

“Make the most of the moments.”

“Plan, organize, declutter.”

Do you feel convicted yet? Maybe a little guilty? Possibly like you aren’t ever going to measure up or get it together? Okay, whew, I’m not the only one.

I have the best intentions. I want to use my time wisely, especially after a recent lesson in the importance of this concept! I definitely want to make the most of my moments. And I would LOVE for my day to be planned, and my house to be organized and decluttered. I want my ducks all in a neat little row.

Frankenduck Doesn’t Even Know How to Find His Row

But. Can you believe it? Things don’t always work out that way. Here’s how a typical day goes for me:

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Calling all Momsters

Welcome Friend!

Have you ever found yourself wishing you belonged to a community of women with a passion for creativity, spirituality, and home and family management? Or maybe you already do, but you’re looking to expand that community?

Three Headed Momster was born out of my desire to be a part of a community like that. A community filled to the brim with women who share tips, stories, advice, and encouragement with one another. A community founded on kindness and honesty. A community where I knew I could be raw and vulnerable and authentic. A community where I didn’t have to be anything other than myself to fit in.

I live in a small town. It’s a lovely town, full of lovely people. But I don’t fit in. I am strange and intense and bold and awkward and very, very honest. I love those things about myself and so do a few other people. But mostly I seem to make people feel uncomfortable. Have you ever felt like that?

Also? I don’t have a big, extended family like everyone else in my area seems to have. I strongly desire a huge, loud, too helpful, always-there family. I actually come from a pretty broken family, and have had to learn SO MANY THINGS the hard way. The hard way meaning years and years of trial and error, and so many (too many) instances where I realized way late in the game that I was doing something completely wrong. In fact, the things I didn’t have to learn the hard way were gifts of knowledge, wisdom and correction from the few mentors and “sisters” that are in my life.

A big family and community means people available to guide, advise, suggest and teach. I want that!!!

I know there are others like me out there. Maybe you also live in a town full of polished moms and fishing dads and you and your husband like skulls and art and disorder and loud families. Maybe you are completely different from me. Either way, if what you are looking for is the opportunity to learn and grow and be really real with a community of friends that will become like sisters, you are welcome here